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Meetings, Incentive Travels, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE)

The MICE industry has been growing over the past few decades into a mature business sector, driven by the globalization and increase in cross border trade. Especially within the Chinese culture, businesses simply cannot function in a fully effective way without the face-to-face meetings of the parties involved. More and more companies now understand that meetings, conferences and exhibitions are indispensable means of communicating their business messages, increasing sales and business development in China . With the onset of China's economic powerbase, companies from all over the world are not just buying from China, they are also selling to China's 1.3 Billion People. As a result, the MICE industry in China has been growing at a phenomenal rate. Trade shows and exhibitions in China are so popular that we have noted black market tickets for these events. In addition to providing MICE services in Beijing and Shanghai (the two largest MICE markets in China), Peregrine Travel Group also owns exclusive worldwide rights for selected industries (for conferences and trade shows in the areas of Travel, High Tech/Electronics, and Herbal Medicine) to the QuJiang Conference Center in Xi'an.

Given the fact that the Chairman of our company, Mr. Paul Lam also serves as the Vice Chairman of the China North America Business Science and Technology Council (CNBSTC), we have a network that can be most helpful in facilitating your MICE event in China. CNBSTC is a nonprofit organization Chaired by the Shaanxi Governor Yuan Chunqing and chartered by the Shaanxi Province (that includes cities like Xi'an) to promote trade and exchanges between businesses and scientists from all over the world with their counterparts in China. As of 2007, X'ian is the third most visited city by visitors from outside of China.

Peregrine Travel Group is your partner of choice to assist you in:

Meeting Planning and Logistical Support

Meeting planning services are provided by over 40 experienced and independent meeting and event professionals in the Peregrine Travel Group. This network is an excellent resource when planning meetings of all sizes and complexities. Whether you are responsible for planning a multi-city nationwide series of medical dinner meetings, a single corporate board meeting, a gala event, or anything in between, Peregrine Travel Group can help plan and arrange for the all the meeting logistics according to your requirements.

Incentive Travel Planning & Delivery

Unique and exclusive travel continues to be one of our most desired and sought after experiences and the generator of many of our most vivid memories. Top companies are capitalizing on exclusive travel to reward and build key relationships, to create compelling promotions and to inspire higher performance. Firms are finding that travel not only motivates and rejuvenates but it also creates long term positive association to the company. In short, incentive travel continues to be proven as an effective contributor to bottom line results.

With access to our VIP Tours in Beijing, Xi'an and other cities, Peregrine Travel Group is best situated to help you plan for these unique and memorable experiences. Whether it may be visiting the Pit# 5* to see the Terracotta within inches of your eyes, holding artifacts in your hands* with white gloves for close inspections, visiting parts of the Forbidden City not open to the public*, cruising down the Shanghai Harbor at night on a private yacht with a grand piano, or holding a black-tie private function in a museum, Peregrine Travel Group is able to help you increase your sales in China's fast growing market.
(* denotes venues NOT OPEN to the public)

These are some of the most effective uses of Incentive Travel:

  • Engage key Value Added Resellers
  • Build relationships with key clients
  • Reward top performers and President Circle level employees
  • Incentives for sales force and dealer/distributor networks
  • Corporate hospitality to retain and reward large clients
  • Corporate hospitality to acquire key accounts
  • Attract highest level executives for round table discussions

Conference Planning and Support

Recognizing that a successful program hinges on an effective design, Peregrine Travel Group will work with you to develop innovative outreach efforts that go beyond traditional conference programs and seminars. Peregrine staff can help you develop an integrated and unique program appropriate to the issues, the audience, the setting, and your discipline to meet all of your need. Through our relationships and network in China, we can also assist in bringing relevant government and trade organizations to participate in your conferences.


Exhibitions work because they are face-to-face. They provide us an opportunity to accelerate the selling cycle by matching needs with a company's ability to fill those needs. They work because adults are visual learners. Exhibiting is a like a portable company with a visual medium - the exhibit, products, the graphics, collateral materials and promotional products are visual elements. Buyers are also experiential. Trade shows are extremely effective to bring new products to new markets like China.

Whether it may be holding a trade show in Beijing, Shanghai or Xi'an, Peregrine has professional team to design the exhibition according to your own requirement as well as the requirement of the show.

How Peregrine Travel Group can assist you in your Exhibition in China

  • Choose The Right location – Identify what venues are available and provide a bet fit for your exhibition.
  • Choose The Right Trade Show – Help you identify the best trade show in China for your specific products and services
  • Advise On The Best Route To Market – Either alone, or as part of a trade association group or national pavilion.
  • Bi-Lingual Staffs – Who speak English and Chinese to communicate with you and support your event planning. We can also provide interpreters for your business negotiations.
  • Practical Support And Advice – Once you have booked into your event, you are given practical support and advice with everything from marketing your presence, to organizing logistics and making travel arrangements.
  • Understanding Local Business Culture – Peregrine Travel Group can give you first hand advice on any business customs and practices that may affect a successful outcome. We can even provide training about the business etiquette of doing business in China.
  • On-Site Customer Support – You will have a representative available at the show who can speak your language to support you throughout the exhibit and help you with any issues affecting your participation, including during show build-up and break-down.
  • Provide Travel Support and Transportation needs – We will provide all the travel support, airline, hotel and tour bookings as well as airport transfers. Our staffs can meet your clients at the airport and escort them to the hotel and accompany them throughout their visit with you in China.